Recap: Biden’s Clean Energy Plan


Election Day is next week, and voting is already underway in most places. As we reach the end of our first phase of Picturing Policy, in which we’ve focused on the currently-timely Biden clean energy plan and what it would look like for people’s lives, we thought we’d sum it all up. Feel free to share these graphics around with anyone looking for some excitement ahead of the election!

Implementing Biden’s clean energy plan would look like a massive US manufacturing boom.

It would catalyze a fast scale-up in US electric vehicle manufacturing.

It would give marginalized communities a seat at the table to ensure environmental justice.

Finally, the Biden plan promises a Federal purchase of $400 Billion over 4 years for key clean energy technologies. That will catalyze a rapid scale-up in production of clean equipment, bringing costs down and letting the US export it worldwide. And the immediate job growth in manufacturing and related industries will help the US get out of the COVID-19 recession and build an economy that can last and grow into the 21st century.

[This mini-blog is part of Picturing Policy, a new project to help voters visualize what climate policy proposals would look like for their lives. See and @PicturingPolicy on Instagram and Twitter. Images by Violet Kitchen.]




Solomon Goldstein-Rose

Climate Change activist since age 11. Author of The 100% Solution: A Plan for Solving Climate Change. Former youngest MA legislator. He/him.