I’m Voting, Are You?


What does voter turnout look like in this election?

You care about climate change. Tomorrow is Election Day. Maybe you haven’t voted yet. Maybe you aren’t even sure if you’ll vote.

Well, this election seems like a good time to commit to voting reliably — hundreds of thousands of people who didn’t vote last time around have already voted early in the 2020 election. Among people who voted for a third-party candidate in 2016, a vast majority say they will vote for one of the two main candidates this time: showing a growing sense of engagement and practicality.

After all, either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be the next US President, and who it is will be decided by the people who show up to vote. Even if you dislike both, even if you dislike the whole political system, it still makes sense to vote for whoever you have a slight preference for — because that can materially affect people’s lives.

If you make that commitment, you’ll be in good company. Observers’ predictions and early voting data indicate massive, possibly record, voter turnout in the US this year. We hope you’ll be a part of that by voting tomorrow if you haven’t already.

[This mini-blog is part of Picturing Policy, a new project to help voters visualize what climate policy proposals would look like for their lives. See PicturingPolicy.org and @PicturingPolicy on Instagram and Twitter. Images by Violet Kitchen.]







Solomon Goldstein-Rose

Climate Change activist since age 11. Author of The 100% Solution: A Plan for Solving Climate Change. SolomonGR.com. Former youngest MA legislator. He/him.